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You can be sure that our office will be open to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you need urgent plumbing, City Plumbing will be there for us today for plumbing issue.


Our technicians promise to provide a service that is fast and reliable. Our guarantee to be on time, every time, at a time that suits you means no more waiting around for team who never arrive.

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Damaged pipes and other plumbing issues get worse the longer they are left unfinished. We will fix your plumbing issue quickly before water damage causes the need for major repair expenses.

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We only hire experienced, reliable, courteous plumbers, and we guarantee all of our work. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your installations and repairs will be done right, the first time.

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Free estimates are provided for work that would be more involved than a service call. Clogged drains, sewer backups, frozen or leaking pipes? Call Us!


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When you need a plumber?

Any building has pipes to carry water and gas. These pipes then meet the Redmond pipes. There is to and fro of water. At times, the pipes can get blocked. Or they may break. In such cases, it is critical to fix them. Else you have dirty water coming in your house. Other times, you may want to replace the old pipes. These things cannot be done yourself. Special tools are needed. Knowledge is crucial. Always ask for help when needed. We work round the clock. We want to ensure the town remains healthy and clean.

How is commercial plumber different?

A plumber knows basics of pipes and outlets. Residential plumber works on individual homes. The scope is thin. However, malls, hospitals, hotels etc. have different layout. There is nonstop usage of water. More garbage goes down the drain. At times people are careless. Any trash is also sent down the pipe. Any normal plumber cannot do commercial plumbing. We are the oldest in town doing commercial plumbing. The commercial Plumber Redmond WA has:

  • Big machines: Small tools cannot be used for commercial purpose. We have special tools. They are designed for big pipes. These tools can handle complex arrangements.
  • Expert Staff: Dealing with large equipment’s like boilers, gas lines, water line repair etc. needs special knowledge. The codes are different. The commercial plumber does similar tasks each day. As they work mostly at factories and big places. The machines and problem remain similar. Thus, over the time, commercial Redmond plumber becomes expert.
  • Time bound: Commercial Redmond plumber has strict deadlines. The business place is closed. There is a plan in place. We are good at working in tight deadlines. The Plumber Redmond experts work together. They ensure everything goes as planned. This helps the client to resume the business. The loss is minimized.
  • Able to work under stress: Unlike residential plumber, commercial Redmond plumbers can work under stress. Plumber Redmond WA people are okay working at odd hours. They can even work for long at one time. This means, We have to be fit to work under stress. Our Company always performs best.

Many companies charge you extra after hours, on the weekends, or during holidays, but not us!


If you are not satisfied with our service, we will return to fix the issue at no extra cost to you.

Can Plumber Redmond WA help you?

The good news is YES. Plumber Redmond WA initially started with residential plumbing. Last ten years, we are doing commercial plumbing as well. Now, We have developed expertise. We are known for our commercial plumbing. With right tools and people, we do good job. Some of the services that We can help you with:

  • Boilers: We can repair and install boilers. With some special device, we can make you save on bill also.
  • Drain Pipes: For large structures, drain pipes often get blocked. Good way is to clean them regularly. This will prevent any back flow. Also, there will be no bugs of insects. You can make a contract with us. Then, you do not need to keep a follow up. Our Company will do that for you.
  • Grease trap: For commercial kitchen, fats and oil go down the pipe. If no grease trap is installed, soon the pipes will start getting rotten. They will get blocked. Install a grease trap today. We can do that for you. We also supply the raw material at less than market price. Ask one of the agents today.
  • Gas pipe: Our Company also works on gas fitting. Gas connection for towel rods, fireplace etc. can be handled. Plumber Redmond WA can help setting up new line too.
  • Cleaning: With use of high pressure water, we can clean the drains. This is the most effective way. The time taken is less.
  • Inspection: To find the health of your pipeline, call an expert. Plumber Redmond WA can do this. They will check all the walls, underground, vaults etc. A complete report will be given to you. It includes suggestions. It is wise to be done before you buy a property. Call on the number below to know more.

Plumber Redmond - Work As Per Requirement

The above is a small list. We can customize the work as per your requirement. The job can be done at any you need. The team at Redmond plumber works 24X7. The best way to reach us is give a missed call. Soon one of the experts will call you. The staff is trained to answer all questions.

You can also find more information about us on social media. Visit our website to know more about plumbing.

Your views and reviews are important. Redmond plumber aims for complete customer happiness. Tell us if anything went wrong. We will correct it. Tell others if you are happy. Your friends will thank you.

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